About parking violation

The crackdown on parking violations has been strengthened.

(Please do not violate parking while using a rental car!)

If you are caught in a parking violation while using a rental car, please respond as follows.

our request

  1. Please let us know the number that can be reached during the period of use when you leave.
  2. If you have any questions about parking violations, please contact the person in charge before departure.
  3. Customer information is provided if the penalty is not paid to the Company after parking violation or if it is not confirmed that the penalty has been paid. Customer information will be registered with the National Rental Car Association and the rent will be limited by the merchant rental company.

If you get a parking ticket,

  1. Please go to the police station in charge of the area and check in.
  2. Please return the vehicle after paying the parking violation penalty at the designated financial institution.
  3. Please check the payment of the penalty when you return it. You need to present the parking ticket ticket issued, the stamped bill, and the receipt.
  4. If payment of the penalty is not confirmed, we will charge you with the following parking violation penalty.

● Normal class -25,000 yen
● Medium car class -30,000 yen

* If the payment is not confirmed when the payment is returned, and you also pay it to us, you can refund it by presenting the payment receipt.
However, the fee for account transfer is your responsibility.