Guid for Pick-up day

visit to office

You can rent cars when you visit our office.

  • *You should make sure your driving license. (Without license, car rental is unavailable.
  • *If you late more than a hour without any notice, your booking will be canceled.

When you pick-up the car

Please pre-pay the amount according to the vehicle loan period and the option you have reserved

When you return the car

Depending on the actual period of use, we will provide you with additional payment or refund if there is insufficient amount and amount paid in advance on departure.

Excess charge

We will charge you an excess fee in accordance with the regulations by extending the contract.
However, depending on the reservation situation, it may not be possible to extend the service, so please contact me in advance to check.

Fuel cost

Please fill it up when you return it as it is full at departure.
If returned to the United States of America, the amount will be charged according to the mileage used under the regulations set by our company.
In addition, the settlement amount based on mileage may be higher than the actual gas price.Please understand in advance.