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About selecting the car
If you are booking a compact car, please select it considering the number of passengers and cargo.

Light car class
Vehicle class SK Class(hustler,NBOX,tanto,lapin etc...)
limit of people The interior is comfortable for up to 2 adults + 2 children or 2 adults. For 4 adults, the interior of the car feels small.
Cargo on board If there are 4 passengers, the bag with casters cannot accommodate the number of passengers.
Vehicle class SUV(raize,yariscross etc...)
limit of people For 5 adult passengers, the center rear seat occupant will feel cramped for long periods of driving. For 5 adult passengers, we recommend the wagon class.
Cargo on board Depending on the type of vehicle, the trunk may be small.
Vehicle class WagonClass (SERENA, VOXY etc...)
limit of people With a full eight-passenger capacity, the car feels cramped and the driver feels quite underpowered in the driving experience.
Cargo on board It may hard to get a carrier on a roll of people. Consider storage for 6 adults to be the limit.

Please read it.

Within the same class, there are differences in the space of the vehicle and in the trunk, depending on the type
It is published based on standard size.

Oversized suitcases, etc. will not fit in the SK class cargo area.
Surfboards, etc. cannot be placed on the roof of the vehicle. Please be careful.